Easy locking connector is a tonic for home healthcare

Designed to be easy to use, intuitively pluggable and safe, the 570 series easy locking connector (ELC) from binder is recommended for sensitive homecare applications. It has been engineered to be robust and bio-compatible and meets the requirements for electromechanical connectivity in medical devices.

The 570 series cable connector features snap-in locking and an asymmetric hexagon shape in the mating area for safe operation and long service life. The 570 series ELC is protected to IP54 against contact, dust, and splash water from all directions. The female panel mount connector is designed to provide protection against the ingress of splash water and liquids, as well as accidental electrical contact, even when disconnected. In addition to an O-ring, a flat seal is also available as an alternative for device installation. A recess in the housing is not necessary, added binder.

The mechanical resistance of the connector with solder termination was verified by means of shock and vibration tests in accordance with DIN EN 60601-1-11 and by means of a drop test according to DIN EN 60601-1.

Another property relevant to medical equipment is the biocompatibility of the ELC, which has been tested and confirmed in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 10993-5 standard.

The ELC is therefore designed to endure more than 5,000 mating cycles. Mating is intuitive and blind mating is possible even by non-professionals, said binder. The alignment of the plug to the socket is pre-determined by an asymmetric hexagon shape in the mating area, which prevents mismating. Snap-in hooks ensure simple but effective locking; the latter is easy for the operator to recognise by the snapped-in hooks.

The ELC cable connector consists of two assemblies that can be simply attached together during assembly and automatically snap into place. The two parts can thereafter only be separated with the aid of a special detachment tool. This prevents unintended disconnection by the user and thus contributes to the safety of the interface.

The biocompatible connector is non-irritant to skin and resistant to disinfectants for use in the patient environment. The shock-proof and vibration-resistant ELC is available in four-, eight-, and 12-pole versions for rated currents of 2.0A and voltages of 250V and 150V.

The ergonomically designed housing of the ELC is made of plastic (PA66) and available in gray-white, similar to RAL 9002.

For reliable operation in medical equipment, technical malfunctions, unstable parameters, product failures, or a lack of reliability can directly affect the success of therapies as well as the health, or even the life, of patients. Connectors therefore have to have contact reliability and signal integrity, but also ergonomic design, simple and intuitive operation so that it can be used easily by the patient where it is often necessary to exchange and interconnect portable devices. 

The connector is also required to be resilient. In addition, suitability for hygienically sensitive environments, protection against dust, splash water, and accidental electrical contact are as important as a colour scheme that complies with the design specifications of medical device manufacturers, advised binder.

Medical equipment products are subject to the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Manufacturers of medical equipment must register their products and therefore need a large amount of documentation. binder supports its customers in this process by providing the necessary technical documents. In close co-operation with customers, the company elaborates which documents are concerned. In addition, binder is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and meets the high quality standards regarding product safety and efficacy that are required in medical engineering.


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