MEMS microphones from CUI are designed for portable devices. The CMM series has been added to CUI’s Audio Product group. They are compact, with a low profile and measure just 2.75 x 1.85 x 0.95mm.

The reflow solder compatible components can be used where surface mount assembly is required, such as audio recording and voice capture in smart phones, tablets, smart home devices and wearables.

The MEMS microphones are omni-directional and available in analogue or digital pulse density modulation (PDM) output types with top or bottom port locations. Offering round or rectangular form factors, the CMM series models carry sensitivity ratings from -44 up to -26dB and signal to noise ratios from 57 up to 65dBA. The MEMS microphones are also claimed to deliver reduced vibration sensitivity, low current draw down to 80 microA, and operating temperature ranges from -40 up to +105 degrees C. Sensitivity tolerances are as low as ±1.0dB, making the CMM series particularly suitable for performing functions such as beam forming and noise cancellation.

The inner chamber construction provides a stable performance, claims CUI, and protects the silicon-based microphones against moisture and dust.

The CMM series is available immediately.