Coin-type cell is designed to power IoT devices

NGK Insulators offers the EnerCera Coin, a coin type cell for IoT devices and claims they are the world’s first Lithium-ion (Li-ion) secondary battery capable of operating at up to +85 degrees C.

EnerCera Coin has a small, thin body, yet is capable of supporting high-temperature mounting on circuit boards with reflow soldering.

EnerCera Coin will be available in three cell types, a high capacity type cell, a high heat resistance type cell for circuit boards that can be reflow soldered, and a high power version which is currently under development for use in wearable devices such as smart watches.

The EnerCera series Li-ion secondary battery uses NGK’s original crystal oriented ceramic plates as electrodes. Its high heat resistance makes the EnerCera series compatible with high-temperature mounting. It is available as an EnerCera Pouch, a thin battery that can be embedded by hot lamination in IC cards, and the EnerCera Coin.

The high heat resistance type cell has an operating range of -40 to +85 degrees C, making it suitable for use in electronic components, ICs and other devices for automotive and industrial applications.

NGK focused on the high thermal stability of its semi-solid state battery architecture. This consists of small amounts of liquid electrolyte infused into multi-layered ceramic battery materials. This structure affords high thermal stability which has allowed NGK to raise the operating temperature from -60 to +85 degrees C. The high heat resistance type cell has the performance capability to maintain at least 95 per cent of its capacity even after 1,000 charging and discharging cycles at 85 degrees C. Intended applications are in automotive equipment, factory automation applications, and outdoor IoT devices.

NGK claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical insulators, including 1,000kV ultra high-voltage (UHV) transmission and substation insulators. It has foundations in ceramics technology and contributes to environmental conservation, providing a wide range of products and technology in the Triple E fields of energy, ecology and electronics.

NGK also manufactures diesel particulate filters (DPFs) for catalyst converters for automobiles and large-capacity energy storage systems (NAS batteries).

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