Tiny micropower hall-effect switches from Diodes deliver compatibility with low-voltage chipsets

Diodes has introduced three new Hall-effect switches, the AH1899A/B/S, which operate from a low supply voltage and at extremely low quiescent current to extend battery lifetime in mobile and portable devices. The AH1899A/B/S are used to detect the open/closed status of covers and cases for portable electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets. They are also designed for proximity detection in digital cameras and handheld gaming consoles, as well as general contactless switching.

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Integrated LQ050XX load switch ICs from Littelfuse now at Rutronik

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Littelfuse’s LQ050XX integrated load switch ICs offer the industry’s highest performance with ultra-low power consumption. They make it possible to reduce parasitic leakage currents, improve system efficiency, and extend battery life. That means a real upgrade for a wide range of applications, e.g. in wearables, smart homes, or IoT devices.

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Industry’s first 2A schottky rectifiers from Diodes are smallest in class

Diodes has announced its SDT2U30CP3 (30V/2A), SDT2U40CP3 (40V/2A), and SDT2U60CP3 (60V/2A) achieve the industry’s highest current densities in their class with low forward voltage drop and thermal resistance addressing design challenges for smaller and more efficient portable, mobile, and wearable devices. This series of innovative high-current trench Schottky rectifiers are housed in a chip-scale package (CSP) that occupies only 0.84mm² board space. They can be employed for a variety of different purposes, serving as blocking or reverse-polarity protection diodes, boost diodes, and switching diodes.

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ST’ high-performance microcontrollers pave the way to new innovations in smart home and industrial systems

ST has revealed a new high-performance device that combines performance, scalability and security of microprocessor-based systems that are typically more complex with the simplicity and integration of microcontrollers (MCUs).

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