Panasonic introduces new Amorton indoor solar cell series

Panasonic’s hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) solar cells, known as Amorton, power indoor and outdoor applications like IoT devices, watches, sensor nodes, asset trackers, or remote controls. Amorton can harvest energy reliably and sustainably even in low light and artificial light environments.

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OKW’S body-case wearable plastic enclosures for IoT/IIoT

Growth in the IIoT mobile electronics segment is set to further boost demand for OKW’s BODY-CASE (IP 65) wearable plastic enclosures.

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Novocomms launches ‘game-changing’ L Band antenna.

Novocomms has unveiled NovoSat, a new lightweight dual port product with high performance GNSS capability and offering the full L Band frequency band for other devices.

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Digiseq and Infineon launch world-first pre-certified ring inlay

Digiseq has received Mastercard certification for a world-first pre-certified concentric ring inlay, opening up the market for small independents and large brands to quickly and effectively launch payment rings within their collections. The inclusion of the ring inlay with integrated secured NFC chip can deliver multiple services, opening new use cases in addition to payments, such as loyalty, access, events and hospitality for consumers’ everyday life.

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