Compact VCSEL proximity sensor lends an ear to miniaturisation

Rohm has developed a compact 2.0 x 1.0mm proximity sensor, the RPR-0720. It is optimised, said the company, for applications requiring attachment/detachment and proximity detection, for example in wireless ear buds and wearable devices.
Sensor devices are evolving, driven by miniaturisation and a requirement for functionality. Rohm’s portfolio of proximity sensors combine light emitting and receiving elements in a single package. They are used in a range of applications, from mobile devices to industrial equipment. In wearable device design in particular, there is growing demand for small proximity sensors that can support improved designs and an increase in the number of parts resulting from higher functionality. Rohm said the RPR-0720 is an optical sensor module developed for this sector. The compact proximity sensor integrates a VCSEL and sensor IC.

The RPR-0720 optical sensor module adopts a VCSEL featuring higher directivity than LEDs as the light emitting element and a sensor IC for the light receiving element. The compact size is achieved by optimising the module structure using in-house chips. The result is an area reduced by approximately 78 per cent compared to conventional products, said Rohm.

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Single mode LTE Cat 1bis IoT module is smallest yet, says u-blox

The u-blox LEXI-R10 is a compact module for applications requiring medium data rates. The small LTE Cat 1bis IoT module measures 16 x 16mm.

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RGB laser diodes light up laser bean scanner for AR smart glasses

Sub-assembled RGB laser didoes by ams Osram are used to illuminate TriLite’s Trixel 3 laser beam scanner (LBS), which is the world’s smallest projection display, claims TriLite.

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Alliance Memory expands eMMC offering to simplify designs and save space

Alliance Memory has introduced 32, 64 and 128Gbyte industrial grade, embedded multimedia cards (eMMCs) for solid state storage in consumer, industrial, and networking applications.

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