Small package SPI FRAM suits power-critical wearable designs

An 8pin, WL-CSP has been added as an additional package variant for the MB85RS1MT, 1Mbit SPI FRAM from Fujitus.
According to the company, the package, measuring 3.09 x 2.28 x 0.33mm, reduces the surface area, compared with the industry standard SOP-8 package, reduces the surface mounting area by 77%, and the device height by 80%. It is, claims the company, a 1Mbit SPI FRAM product with the industry’s smallest packaging technology.
The WL-CSP package makes FRAM applicable for wearable and sensor designs, which require small device dimensions, extremely low power consumption for maximum battery lifetime, and high endurance in write cycles in case of real time logging.
Conventional non-volatile memories like EEPROM or Flash memory cover an endurance of one million write cycles, whereas the MB85RS1MT FRAM provides an endurance of 10 trillion read/write cycles, allowing flexible storage of real time logging data. Unlike the block access of EEPROM and Flash, FRAM can be overwritten fast and flexibly into each memory cell without any waiting time, points out the company. As a result, it consumes lower energy in the writing access, and contributes a great deal to extend the battery lifetime, especially for wearable / sensor applications with frequent logging functions.
The MB85RS1MT device operates in the voltage range of 1.8 to 3.6V and guarantees a data retention of 10 years at 85°C. The operation temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C.
The device is being offered in SOP-8 and 8pin WL-CSP packages.

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