HD image sensor enables AI face recognition in thin bezel computers

The OV02E 1080p high definition (HD) image sensor has staggered high dynamic range (HDR) and can operate with AI chips to bring always-on ID recognition to notebooks and tablets with thin bezels. The 1/7.3 inch format sensor can be combined with the AI devices to sense human presence in always on, low power mode, to extend the battery life in thse portable devices.

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Nanusens shrinks sensor and control circuit for ASICs with embedded sensors

By simultaneously shrinking the sensor and control circuit, Nanusens has created a digital circuit design to measure the capacitance of its nanosensors to create ASICs with integrated sensors. Both the sensor structure and its detection circuitry can be made at the same time within a chip using standard CMOS processes on whatever process node is required, explained the company. As a result, ASICs can now be made with several sensors embedded within them. Integrating sensors as IP blocks offers dramatic reductions in costs and size, claimed Nanusens, as it completely replaces the current solution of discrete sensor packages.

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Here’s looking at you, AI – Innovative Eyewear’s Lucyd range of smart glasses with ChatGPT

Seeing is believing, is learning, is style, writes Caroline Hayes, exploring the world of fashion and AI. Last week, Innovative Eyewear’s fashion show in Miami, Florida introduced the world to Lucyd Lyte 2.0, the ChatGPT-enabled line of smart glasses.

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Battery-operated video camera systems add AI for cloud IoT devices

InnoPhase IoT adds AI and solar panel augmentation to battery-operated video camera system via the Talaria TWO ULP (ultra low power) Wi-fi-optimised reference kit for cloud-connected IP video IoT devices. 

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