Wearable Technology Trends in Healthcare

Analog Devices’ Jan-Hein Broeders, healthcare business development manager for Europe, discusses medical market trends and how recent developments in technology continue to further benefit our health and improve our lives.

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Monolithic full bridge autoresonant transmitter IC simplifies wireless battery charger design

The use of batteries in everyday devices is getting more ubiquitous. In many of these products, a charging connector is difficult or impossible to use. For example, some products require sealed enclosures to protect sensitive electronics from harsh environments and enable convenient cleaning or sterilisation. Other products may simply be too small to include a connector, and in products where the battery-powered application includes movement or rotation, forget about charging with wires. Wireless charging adds value, reliability, and robustness in these and other applications.

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The future of payments: from wearables to smart speakers that order pizza

Mobile and contactless payments, digital wallets and biometrics: future topics from a few years ago have now become part of our everyday lives. But how will we pay in the future? Will cash and banking cards disappear from our lives? And how will this change our daily lives?

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Editor’s Blog – Graphene gets close to the heart of blood pressure monitoring

Uses for graphene continue to be developed, writes Caroline Hayes. Researchers at the University of Texas have developed an unobtrusive way to ditch the blood pressure cuff using a graphene sensor in a ‘tattoo’ patch.

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