Wearable technology keeps pace in the space race

Wearable technology keeps pace in the space race: The International Space Station (ISS) is monitoring the earth and reporting back on climate change, and how crystals and crops can grow in space.

Astronauts and scientists on-board the ISS need to be fit and alert, and sleep is important. Sleep patterns, however, can be disrupted due to time zone changes – there can be 16 sunrises in one day – and work shift patterns.

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CES 2017 – where young and old find something to make life better

CES 2017 – where young and old find something to make life better: At this year’s CES, in Las Vegas, there was a wearable for everyone, regardless of age. Finding the best, was more of a marathon than a sprint, confesses Caroline Hayes

Starting with the youngest consumer, Joy was exhibiting an icon-based watch that helps children learn about organising their time. It is particularly helpful for children with autism, who like routine but may not be able to follow verbal instructions easily. The Octopus watch has over 500 icons, both in colour and black and white, to suit the child’s preferences. The icons remind the child to perform tasks such as brush their teeth, or feed the goldfish, have a bath, or take their medicine. Parents can create the child’s daily routine via a smartphone app. The reminders allow the wearer some independence and responsibility as well as offers reassurance. There is a charging station, in the shape of an octopus that can double as a night light to charge the watch overnight via a USB cable.

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Tips and tricks on how to make wearable health devices more reliable and power-efficient

Critical parameters for a wearable health device are the ability to measure multiple parameter, accuracy of readings and a long battery life, writes Jan-Hein Broeders, healthcare business development manager Europe, Analog Devices.

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Healthcare platform brings sensors and wearables to new audience

Maxim Integrated has identified eHealth and wellness as a significant market sector, and has announced the hSensor platform, with ARM mbed support to reduce the development time of wearable health and fitness applications.

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