Buckle up for motion sensors on your classic timepiece

Gooseberry will launched Smart Buckle, in August. The intelligent watch buckle rejuvenates and upgrades classic timepieces with advanced fitness and sleep monitoring capabilities.

Gooseberry believes the days of wearing a dedicated fitness band to accurately track movements, calories burned, sleep hours are over, as it introduces Smart Buckle. It fits discreetly into the strap of almost any watch, whether a family heirloom or a new designer timepiece.

The watch attachment is embedded with motion sensors and software, and engineered to fit standard 20mm leather, rubber and cloth watch bands. It can be installed to watches with pin or deployment/steel clasp buckles.

Gooseberry says the Smart Buckle is also the most accurate activity tracker on the market, and is compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit. It sports a battery that lasts a week after one 60 minute charge.

Smart Buckle is designed to be simple and intuitive to easily monitor the wearer’s daily activity. It has a move mode that tracks active minutes, calories, distance, pace and steps. Motion algorithms are tuned to track movements and software is intelligent to differentiate between walking briskly versus waving a hand, to accurately capture steps, calories, pace of the motion, total distance and total time of active routines.

Smart Buckle is designed to track sleep states. Algorithms are designed to understand light movements, heavy bed turns, wakeful state and deep peaceful sleep.

The app is designed to be simple and intuitive. Smart Buckle helps push all data to the iOS or Android app of choice with data securely stored in the cloud and easily accessible from anywhere and any platform.

​With Smart Buckle, health data can be easily synced to Apple Health and Google Fit. Users can receive a comprehensive report of activity trends, sleep patterns and daily, weekly and monthly reports.

​Smart Buckle has been tested to ensure it can withstand harsh conditions and can be worn in various weather conditions as well as during daily activities. The Smart Buckle enclosure is designed to be in harmony with the mechanical resistance of most luxury-classic watches. With a waterproof level of IP57, the Smart Buckle is protected against dust and immersion.

Smart Buckle manages data to work cohesively with the power management system and can also store health data for up to two weeks. It automatically syncs data whenever it is connected to the Smart Buckle app. Smart Buckle communicates with a smartphone using Bluetooth for syncing data and updating firmware on regular basis.

Smart Buckle is made from high-grade stainless steel with brushed metal finish and a scratch-free top. It is designed to fit leather, silicon, or cloth straps with a pin buckle or a deployment/steel clasp with the width of 20mm for the best fit. The buckle is made to fit over 500 different watch brands.


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