Bluetooth Smart sensor development kit targets virtual reality

Targeting IoT and virtual reality (VR) applications, what is claimed to be the world’s lowest power wireless smart sensor development kit has been released by Dialog. It comprises the company’s DA14583 SmartBond Bluetooth Smart SoC, combined with Bosch Sensortec’s gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, and environmental sensors on a small PCB that measures just 16 x 15mm.

The board is supplied as a dongle in a plastic housing. Typical current consumption is only 1.3mA when streaming sensor data, less than 110µA in advertising mode and under 11µA in power-save mode. It is designed to accelerate time-to-market for environmental and motion sensing modules used in wearables, VR, 3D indoor mapping, navigation, remote controls and many other IoT sensor-based applications. It can stream raw sensor data as well as output the absolute real world orientation of a device in quaternion form. The complementary software development kit includes SmartFusion, the smart sensor library for data acquisition, auto-calibration, and sensor data fusion and runs on the DA14583’s embedded Cortex M0 processor, integrated with an ultra-low power Bluetooth Smart radio.

SmartFusion does not depend on external runtime libraries and is optimised for resource constrained systems. It includes options for both static and auto-calibration and on-the-fly selection of sensor input for data. It also offers the flexibility to support various sensor types and sample rate configurations. The kit includes iOS and Android applications for data visualisation on tablets or smartphones. The DA14583 can be used as a standalone application processor or as a data pump in hosted systems and has a flexible memory architecture, including 1Mbit of Flash memory, for storing Bluetooth profiles and custom application code. The Bosch sensors in the kit are the BMI160 6-axis inertial measurement unit, the BMM150 3-axis geomagnetic field sensor, and the BME280 integrated environmental unit, which measures pressure, temperature and humidity.

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