Bluetooth Low Energy module claims to be world’s lowest power

Claimed to increase battery life by up to three times longer than other solutions on the market today, the low power Atmel SmartConnect XR and ZR modules consume less than 4mA in RX and less than 3mA in TX with 3.6V, and below 1.2µA in sleep mode.

The company believes that the modules push the limits of space-constrained areas for tomorrow’s Bluetooth applications. The modules integrate a Bluetooth Low Energy radio and DSP architecture that deliver low-power consumption, and provide a cost-effective solution for many Bluetooth Smart-based applications by integrating an ARM Cortex-M0-based application processor.

The SmartConnect BTLC1000-XR and SAMB11-XR are available in a small 4.5 x 5.5mm LGA package with 40L, and the BTLC1000-ZR and SAMB11-ZR modules are in a 7.5×10.5mm package with 34-pins and a ground paddle. All are suitable for space-constrained Internet of Things (IoT) applications including beacons, sensor tags, door locks and wearables.

All modules integrate the SmartConnect BTLC1000, an ultra-low power Bluetooth SMART SoC with an integrated Atmel | SMART ARM Cortex-M0 MCU and Bluetooth transceiver. The BTLC1000-XR and SAMB11-XR modules integrate all components with the exception of an antenna and an optional 32kHz crystal. The BTLC1000-ZR and SAMB11-ZR modules are FCC/CE/IC certified and integrate a chip antenna with an optional 32kHz crystal, allowing designers with no prior Bluetooth or RF design experience to add BLE connectivity to designs.

Modules can be powered by a number of battery types, ranging from coin cell, AA and AAA batteries to Lithium polymer batteries, without the need for external power management circuitry.

The modules will be commercially available in May 2016.

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