Bluetooth audio SoCs are for compact ear buds

Developed for ear buds and hearable devices, the QCC5141 is a low power, premium tier, Bluetooth audio SoC. It is available in a BGA package from Qualcomm. Power consumption is around 5mA A2DP stream.

It is intended for wireless consumer products and robust connectivity, all-day-wear products. It integrates Qualcomm Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANC) and voice assistant support for voice-activated control.

ANC technology is designed to help provide high quality, immersive experiences while enabling natural leak-through of noise to allow for awareness of surroundings. It is integrated into the single-chip device and contributes to reduced complexity, cost and PCB space when adding ANC to ear buds and hearables, by eliminating the need for a separate ANC chip, says Qualcomm.

TrueWireless Mirroring technology is designed to further improve robustness and support dynamic bud -to-bud role-swapping with Bluetooth address handover. It also evens out power distribution between both ear buds.

The QCC5141 family offers dedicated support for always on voice (wake-word) applications for multiple voice ecosystems. This can help to accelerate commercialisation of voice-activated products and reduce integration and development time for device manufacturers by combining local voice recognition algorithms running on the Bluetooth audio platform with cloud services running on a mobile application.

The QCC5141 integrates Bluetooth 5 radio and is low energy (LE) Audio-ready. It has support for 2Mbits per second Bluetooth low energy support. It is based on a powerful quad-core processor architecture, with dual core 32-bit processor application subsystem, dual core Qualcomm Kalimba DSP Audio subsystem and software architecture compatible with Qualcomm’s QCC5100 series. There is also embedded ROM and RAM and external Q-SPI flash, connectivity to external SRAM or second flash and integrated PSRAM for audio.

The BGA package has 90 pins, at a 0.5mm pitch and overall dimensions of 4.37 x 4.26mm.

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