ams Osram lights up TriLite’s laser beam scanner for smart glasses

RGB laser diodes by ams Osram will illuminate TriLite’s Trixel 3 laser beam scanner in a collaboration whereby the compact, lightweight scanner will enable augmented reality for smart glasses and other consumer applications. 

The Trixel 3 laser beam scanner is the world’s smallest projection display, said the company. The bright display has low power consumption (less than 320mW) for all day use, and full colour support (less than 200 per cent over sRGB or standard red green blue) to optimise image quality.

Dr. Peter Weigand, CEO at TriLite, said: “We chose ams Osram as one of our technology partners due to its laser light sources’ class-leading power and efficiency, which perfectly align with the brightness, contrast, and high-performance requirements of our Trixel 3 LBS projector”. 

Dr. Jörg Strauss, senior vice president and general manager business line visualisation and sensing at ams Oram added: “We are excited to partner with TriLite as Trixel 3’s compact design paves the way for widespread adoption of ‘always-on’ consumer AR glasses,” adding “ams Osram’s laser diodes offer the key specifications essential for achieving the small form factor of Trixel 3”. 

TriLite designs for seamless mass manufacturing, incorporating customised standard components and utilising high volume production equipment. The result is a compact optical display engine with a brightness of 15 lumens, ensuring readability even in direct sunlight. Its low system latency allows AR images to blend naturally with the wearer’s surroundings and movements, providing an immersive AR experience, said TriLite. Furthermore, Trixel 3 is compatible with waveguides without requiring any relay optics which saves space and reduces weight. 

The Trixel 3 laser beam scanner optical display engine combines a single 2D MEMS mirror, all optical components, and the trajectory control module (TCM) that shifts light module complexity from hardware to the software domain. The module weighs less than 1.5 g and has a volume of less than 1cm3. 

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