4G-enable smartwatch supports senior health and safety

Designed for use by seniors, the emporiaWatch is 4G-enabled and designed by emporia Telecom to enable them to independently monitor and track their health and fitness technology as well as communicate. 

The smartwatch is 4G- and VoLTE-enabled. This means it functions as a standalone mobile device that does not need to be linked to a phone, nor does it rely on a Bluetooth connection; the user can make calls completely independently. Holistic health insights include heart rate, blood oxygen and temperature. It also features a pedometer so that users can keep track of their steps and GPS for tracking activity. 

The emporiaWatch can be configured, with the wearer’s permission, to allow safeguarding in relation to location. Geo-fenced areas can be set up to alert friends and family in the case of unusual activity, for example. There is also an emergency dialling and an SOS feature that utilises emporia’s patented emergency function. 

The watch is accompanied by a management app which allows the user to add contacts, control settings and set alarms remotely. There is also the ability to nominate helpers who can provide support from any location. 

The emporiaWATCH is a joint venture with Anio, a German smartwatch manufacturer

Chris Millington, UK Managing Director at emporia Telecom explains the rationale behind the product: “Health and fitness technology has caused a revolution in self-care and wellness. As we age, the benefits increase. By creating a smartwatch that is easy-to-use for all, we are enabling seniors to gain real-time insights into their own health. … this will help people to stay independent and active for longer,” he said.

emporia Telecom develops, designs and manufactures easy-to-use communication devices specifically tailored to the needs of the elderly consumer. Its product portfolio includes smartphones, tablets, feature phones and other assistive devices. The company says it is changing the way that elderly people interact with technology.


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