1.2V SPI NOR flash devices claims lowest active read power figure

The GD25UF series of SPI NOR flash devices has been added to the GigaDevice roadmap of 1.2V flash products supporting SoCs and applications processors built on advanced process nodes. 

The GD25UF SPI NOR flash devices are optimised for applications that require low power consumption or a small board footprint, said the company. They operate at a supply voltage of 1.14 to 1.26V. This makes them suitable for devices built on advanced process nodes and operating at a core voltage of 1.2V, simplifying the power system architecture and suitable for direct interfacing between the I/O pins of the SoC or processor and the GD25UF.

The GD25UF has a low power mode operating at a frequency of up to 50MHz, and active read current can be as low as 0.4mA at frequencies lower than 50MHz. Deep power down current of 0.1 microA makes the GD25UF suitable for battery-powered applications. 

The flash devices are also claimed to have industry-best program and erase times which help increase device manufacturing throughput while reducing system power consumption. In fast read mode, these flash devices operate at up to 120MHz and achieve a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbits per second. In low EMI mode, operating at 60MHz over a double transfer-rate (DTR) quad I/O interface, the GD25UF devices also achieve 480Mbits per second while minimising clock-generated noise which is a particular benefit for noise-sensitive wireless applications.

The 64Mbit GD25UF64E is in production now. It is supplied in SOP8, 3.0 x 4.0mm or 4.0 x 4.0mm USON8 and WLCSP packages, or as a known good die. The 128Mbit GD25UF128E is sampling now. Products with memory capacities of 32Mbits and 256Mbits are in development, confirmed GigaDevice.


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