Wearable enclosures extend personal electronics use

Wearable enclosures from OKW in its Ergo-Case range, now include six smaller XS models, giving designers a choice of 42 individual housings. The small cases are suitable for compact handheld electronic devices and have an ergonomically contoured design which is very comfortable to hold or wear, says the company. Typical applications include personal electronics such as medical and wellness equipment, security devices, building access and dosage detectors. The XS enclosures consist of a top, base and intermediate ring and are assembled with two self-tapping screws. They can be specified with no eyelets (Type I), one eyelet for a lanyard (Type II) or two lateral eyelets (Type III) for fitting the device to a wrist strap or belt. The extended range now includes four plan sizes: XS, S, M and L in flat and high models with external dimensions from 82x56x24mm to 150x200x69mm. The XS and S models are designed for wearing on straps or lanyards. The M and L models can be fitted to arm and belt straps or wall mounted using the accessory eyelets and wall mounting elements. L models are also available with a clear display window. All models feature a recessed area in the top for mounting a membrane keypad or product label. Screw pillars in the top section and location pillars in the base section are provided for fitting PCBs  and battery assemblies.

ERGO-CASE enclosures are moulded in ABS (UL 94 HB) in off-white or black. The XS size has an intermediate ring in grey soft-touch TPE elastomer.

Accessories include belt clips, wrist straps, belt/arm straps, lanyards, eyelet kits, sealing kits, a wall mounting kit and battery cradles (2 x AAA, 1 x 9V, 2 x 9V and 4 x AA).

Customising options include custom colours, CNC milling and drilling of holes and cut outs, silk-screen and tampo printing of legends and logos, EMC shielding and assembly of components.


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