Proprietary process miniaturises electronic components

Designed to meet the needs of high-performance mobile and wearable products, RASMIDs (Rohm Advanced Smart Micro Devices) are based on proprietary packaging and manufacturing technologies.

Devices includes compact chip resistors in 03015 size (0.3 × 0.15mm) as well as Schottky barrier diodes in 0402 packages (0.4 × 0.2mm).

Package dimensional tolerances have prevented producing chip resistors smaller than the 0402 size. The company used proven proprietary technology to achieve dimensional accuracy of ±10μm, which also reduces lateral electrode irregularities. Enhanced dicing methods enable minimal adhesion areas and increased mounting accuracy, says the company. Mounting errors and “tombstoning” are significantly reduced by adopting bottom electrodes. High-precision high-density mounting has become reality through joint development of mounting technology with partners and secured shock properties and bonding reliability by reducing size and weight.

The company claims that its 03015-size resistors are the most compact electronic components available at the production level while featuring high accuracy and improved dimensional precision from ±20 to ±10µm. The device size is reduced by 56% over conventional 0402-size devices and the required mounting area is reduced by 44%.

The company claims that is 0402-sized Schottky barrier diodes are the world’s smallest and enable high-density mounting for mobile devices. Size is reduced by 44 % compared to the conventional 0603 size (0.6 × 0.3mm) while mounting area is reduced by 56%. Dimensional precision also improved from ±20 to ±10µm, enhancing stability in existing automated mounting equipment. By adopting proprietary chip device structures and ultra-precise processing techniques, key electrical characteristics such as forward voltage (VF) and high power (0.1W) are maintained while reducing size and thickness compared to conventional 0603-size products.

Gold electrodes are utilized in both cases for superior solderability and reliability.

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