Low power Bluetooth Smart opens up possibilities for wearables

Claimed to be the industry’s lowest power, smallest footprint Bluetooth Smart solution, the Atmel SmartConnect Bluetooth Smart BTLC1000 consumes less than 4mA in RX and less than 3mA TX at 3.6V. According to the company, it can increases battery life by as much as one year or more for certain applications.
The 2.2 x 2.1mm WLCSP is ‘unparalleled’ says the company and significantly smaller than alternatives available on the market today. The tiny, low-power SoC opens up possibilities for IoT and wearable markets, says the company, enabling applications such as fitness trackers and medical devices, along with human Interface devices, asset trackers and beacons.

The BTLC1000 Bluetooth SMART SoC has an integrated Atmel | SMART ARM Cortex-M0 MCU and Bluetooth transceiver. It can be used as a Bluetooth LE link controller that connects as a companion to any Atmel AVR or Atmel | SMART MCU. It can also be used as a standalone applications processor with embedded BLE connectivity and external memory for a variety of applications like beacons, mobile and human interface devices. It is also available as a production-ready, certified module for FCC ETSI/CE and IC regulations.
It can be powered by different battery types, ranging from coin cell, AA and AAA batteries to Lithium polymer batteries, without the need for external power management circuitry. A radio and DSP architecture delivers low power consumption along with high performance, claims the company for a cost-effective solution, and needing few external components to minimises the total system solution cost.
A starter kit, the Atmel BTLC1000 XSTK is available today to evaluate the SoC with the company’s SMART ultra-low-power SAM L21 Xplained PRO host MCU evaluation board. The BTLC1000 XPRO extension board can be ordered individually and plugged into any of the supported host MCU Xplained boards to add Bluetooth Smart connectivity.


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