LDO regulator has high PSRR for noise-sensitive applications

The AP7353 low dropout (LDO) regulator is designed to meet the need for voltage regulation in noise-sensitive, battery-operated devices such as wearables, portables, and connected sensors. It offers a high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) in a small package, says Diodes.

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Component carrier replaces flexible PCBs

Flexible circuit boards are made of thin polymide films and are designed into space constrained, shaped and flexible designs. They are complex to populate, assemble and fix but Harting has developed a component carrier based 3D mechatronic integrated device (3D-MID) technology that is capable of replacing flexible circuit boards. They also save up to two thirds of the cost of conventional flexible circuit boards.

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Smart health patch adapts to measure Covid-19 patients

Henkel has partnered with six medical and technology companies to develop a smart health patch that allows continuous, remote and wireless monitoring of the respiration, heart rate of patients. Soon, it will also monitor patients’ temperature to monitor corona virus patients.

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Intelliconnect manufactures connectors for cochlear ear implants

Among the RF and waterproof connectors available from Intelliconnect for diagnostic, treatment and wearable medical device technologies, the company manufactures micro-miniature waterproof coaxial connectors for use in cochlear ear implants.

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