Compact Nora-W10 modules combines Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi 

Combining Wi-Fi 4 and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) 5.0 with a powerful open CPU, the u-blox Nora-W10 is designed for operation in harsh environments and low power consumption.

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Iridium antenna is small enough for headsets and trackers

Claimed to be the world’s smallest antenna tuned for Iridium satellite services, the HXDC1600 has been released by Helix Geospace. The antenna tuned for Iridium satellite services can operate safely near the human head with minimal performance degradation, said the company. It is designed for use in mobile handsets, wearable trackers and personal safety devices.

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Voice-activated medallion serves as a wireless virtual assistant 

Powered by Syntiant’s NDP101 low power edge AI processor, a medallion developed by Zinfanite Technologies acts as a virtual assistant. It provides hands-free functionality, wake word recognition and speech commands in a compact, waterproof device designed to be worn around the neck or attached to a shirt pocket or sleeve.

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Solar powered Bluetooth headset offers hands-free with no recharging

At this week’s CES in Las Vegas, Blue Tiger USA will show what it claims is the world’s first solar powered headset. The Solare headset harvests light from any source – indoor or outdoor – for continuous use without the need to ever recharge a battery, says the company. 

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