Transparent soft-touch lacquer adds ‘velvet’ feel to plastic enclosures

Available in a range of colour options, a transparent soft touch lacquer is available from OK for its plastic enclosure and turning knobs.  The lacquer is suitable for a range of OKW enclosures and potentiometer knobs, especially those used for handheld and wearable electronics.

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Pixus Technologies releases SOSA standard air transport racks

Two air transport racks (ATRs) extend the portfolio offered by Pixus Technologies. The company has introduced 1/2 to 3/4 size ATRs aligned with  the SOSA  technical standard.  These chassis support multiple 3U OpenVPX in various slot profile configurations.

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Power PROFET + 12V switch family offers new mount and enclosure options

Relays and fuses cannot meet the requirements of modern E/E vehicle architectures, asserted Infineon Technologies and partial or complete electrification of the primary and secondary power distribution must be taken into account. The company has launched low Ohmic high side switches in a TO-leadless package, the Power PROFET™ + 12V switch family.

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Accessories get a handle on Smart-Case IP 65 handheld enclosures

OKW has increased the accessories available for its handheld Smart-Case enclosures. These additions bring the available accessories to more than any of the manufacturer’s other 18 portable housings.

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