Alliance Memory expands eMMC offering to simplify designs and save space

Alliance Memory has introduced 32, 64 and 128Gbyte industrial grade, embedded multimedia cards (eMMCs) for solid state storage in consumer, industrial, and networking applications.

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IP and SDK accelerate on-device and edge AI design, says Cadence

AI IP and software tools to address the escalating demand for on-device and edge AI processing have been unveiled by Cadence. The scalable Cadence Neo neural processing units (NPUs) deliver a range of AI performance in a low-energy footprint, said the company and this is claimed to bring new levels of performance and efficiency to AI SoCs.
The Neo NPUs deliver up to 80TOPS performance in a single core, in order to support both classic and new generative AI models. They can also offload AI/ML execution from any host processor, including application processors, general-purpose microcontrollers and DSPs. This is achieved with a simple and scalable AMBA AXI interconnect.
Cadence has also introduced the NeuroWeave software development kit (SDK) which it said provides developers with a “one-tool” AI software solution across Cadence AI and Tensilica IP products for no-code AI development.
“While most of the recent attention on AI has been cloud-focused, there are an incredible range of new possibilities that both classic and generative AI can enable on the edge and within devices,” pointed out Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research. For these intuitive, intelligent devices to be realised will need a flexible, scalable combination of hardware and software solutions with a range of power requirements and compute performance, “all while leveraging familiar tools” he believed. “New chip architectures that are optimised to accelerate ML models and software tools with seamless links to popular AI development frameworks are going to be incredibly important parts of this process,” he added.
The Neo NPUs are suitable for power-sensitive devices as well as high-performance systems with a configurable architecture. SoC architects will be able to integrate an optimal AI inferencing solution in a range of products, including intelligent sensors, IoT and mobile devices, cameras, hearables/wearables, PCs, AR/VR headsets and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). New hardware and performance enhancements and key features/capabilities include:
The single core NPUs are scalable from 8GOPS to 80TOPS, with further extension to hundreds of TOPS with multi-core devices, said Cadence. They support 256 to 32K MACs per cycle, allowing SoC architects to optimise embedded AI to meet power, performance and area (PPA) tradeoffs.
Offloading of inferencing tasks from any host processor (e.g., DSPs, general-purpose microcontrollers or application processors) significantly improves system performance and power, said Cadence.
Support for Int4, Int8, Int16 and FP16 data types across a wide set of operations that form the basis of CNN, RNN and transformer-based networks allows flexibility in neural network performance and accuracy tradeoffs while the NPUs offer up to 20 times higher performance than the first-generation Cadence AI IP, with two to five time the inferences per second per area (IPS/mm2) and five to 10 times the inferences per second per Watt (IPS/W)

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STM32H5 discovery kit builds a case for secure, smart, connected devices

Support for Secure Manager, a turnkey SoC which integrates core security services certified and maintained by ST is included in the STM32H5 discovery kit by STMicroelectronics.
The development board is for creating diverse applications with the company’s STM32H5 microcontrollers. The STM32H5 devices are intended for high performance processing and advanced security in a wide range of applications, including smart sensors, smart appliances, industrial controllers, networking equipment, personal electronics and medical devices. 

The STM32H573I-DK discovery kit enables developers to explore all the integrated features of the STM32H5, such as analogue peripherals, timers, the ST ART (Adaptive Real-Time) accelerator, media interfaces and mathematical accelerators. This makes it easy to evaluate new designs for industrial programmable logic controllers (PLC), motor drives, and smart controllers for appliances, for example, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. Other potential applications include alarm controllers, communication hubs and smart lighting controls.
The STM32H573I-DK Discovery kit is a development board that includes an STM32H5 microcontroller, colour touch display, digital microphone, and interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. The board also features an audio codec, flash memory, and headers for connecting expansion shields and daughterboards.
To simplify the development process, the STM32CubeH5 microcontroller software package consolidates all the necessary components required to develop an application on the STM32H5, including examples and application code. The package is fully integrated into the STM32Cube ecosystem, which contains additional software to assist with application development. ST also offers the STM32CubeMX tool for configuring and initialising the microcontroller.
The STM32H5 microcontroller features the Arm Cortex-M33 embedded microcontroller core running at 250MHz and is the first microcontroller to support ST’s Secure Manager SoC security solutions. The microcontrollers combine Arm TrustZone security with ST’s STM32Trust framework to provide trusted storage, cryptography, attestation and updates. They embed side-channel protected hardware cryptographic accelerators and target recognised security certifications, PSA Certified Level 3 and GlobalPlatform SESIP3.
ST has created the STM32H573I-DK Discovery kit with examples showing how to use the security services and integrated all the necessary software tools and support in the STM32Cube development ecosystem.
The Discovery kit as well as the H5 Nucleo Board Nucleo-H563ZI are available now available from ST’s eStore and authorised distributors.

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Sports sensor kit connects new and legacy fitness equipment

North Pole Engineering’s WYÛR and CÔRD sports sensor connectivity kits allow users to connect new and legacy fitness equipment that operate using different wireless protocols.

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