Amplifiers and comparators shrink space requirements

Smaller personal electronics, enterprise, industrial and communications designs can be achieved with the INA185 current-sense amplifier, and open-drain TLV4021 and push-pull TLV4041 comparators, claims Texas Instruments.

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Integrated MEMS inertial module up their game

Designed for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and tracking applications, STMicroelectronics has designed the LSM6DSR inertial module for next-generation gaming, industrial, and sports applications.

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Renesas announces memory technology for AI

Renesas Electronics has developed an AI accelerator that performs convolutional neural network (CNN) processing at high speeds and low power.  A test chip with this accelerator has achieved the power efficiency of 8.8Tera operations per second per W (TOPS/W), which is the industry’s highest class of power efficiency, reports Renesas. The accelerator is based on the processing-in-memory (PIM) architecture, in which multiply-and-accumulate (MAC) operations are performed in the memory circuit as data is read out from that memory.

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Smart amplifier enriches sound at low power, says Maxim Integrated

Integrating speaker protection to deliver up to 2.5 times loudness and two octaves of bass with the lowest quiescent power consumption of around 24mW, the MAX98390 5.1W dynamic speaker management (DSM) smart amplifier is announced by Maxim Integrated Products.

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