Antennae are thin and light for small cell, front haul and back haul systems

Additions to the SenCity range of antennae from Huber+Suhner, the Matrix small form factor antennae, are designed specifically to minimise the visual impact of mm-wave radio networks while delivering electrical performance.

The additions to the range continue to help mobile operators respond to rapidly rising mobile data traffic levels. Unobtrusive equipment with embedded flat-panel antennae  facilitate site acquisition and the associated network planning, says the company.

The small size of the antennae allows operators to access rooftop, wall and street-level sites that are not suitable for traditional, parabolic antenna systems because of technical, environmental or planning restrictions. According to the company, the “community-friendly” design helps to address aesthetic concerns for urban deployments.

Antennae are available in standalone, dedicated and integrated formats with models designed to cover both E-Band (70/80GHz) and V-Band (60GHz) applications. These are highly directional antennae, making them suitable for small cell, front haul and traditional back haul systems.

They reduce installation times as the bore sight gain of the antenna inherently coincides with the normal axis of the radiator, allowing installers to use optical alignment techniques to align the radio.

The standalone and dedicated antennae comply with ETSI Class 2 side lobe suppression requirements and are suited for macrocell backhauling. A typical standalone antenna measures just 280 x 280 x 34mm and is IPx8 rated.

The antennae are designed to be integrated into the radio, making them suitable for smallcell back hauling.

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